Ok… so I made A LOT of things for my wedding. At the time, people thought I had gone slightly mad, and if I’m honest, there were moments, late at night when I would have agreed with them. Yet, I loved my wedding day and it was made so very special to me, because of the handmade elements. When I say that I handmade my wedding, I really went to town! I made my own save the dates and invites. I made my own liquor for the favours and decanted these into miniature bottles- fun for the first two, not so much after 50, I made the orders of service, place names and table names, I made hundreds of paper flowers for the chair sashes, I made the wedding cake and sugar flowers- all four tiers, I hand painted more than 40 photo frames for personal, family photographs, I grew 30 hyacinths for the reception venue, I hand embroided a personalised wedding motif for the entrance hall, I made wedding dress hangers for myself and the bridesmaids and the hardest job of all- I made three bridesmaid dresses. Looking back, I can’t quite believe how much I managed to make myself. I love anything handmade and my new business is testament to this. For my wedding, to not have handmade items was out of the question. I wanted the day to reflect my husband and I, I wanted a unique day with personal touches that no-body else would have. I was also not prepared to spend a fortune getting someone else to craft my special day. The crafter in me couldn’t let this happen! Looking back at my wedding day 5 months later, I am proud of the handmade element that I crafted. Not only did they stand their ground amongst the bought in elements but they shone. They were the things that people saw and remarked upon, and for me, that more than made up for the hours that went into them. I wouldn’t change a thing and encourage anyone who wants to craft for their wedding to give it a go. No matter how small a detail, it will get noticed and you just can’t beat these personal touches!