Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE sewing and not much else craft wise comes close to the pride and achievement I feel when I have completed a home sewn item. Whether this is an item for my house, clothing or a piece for my shop. However, I am one of those people that does not really enjoy sitting still and doing nothing. I may spend the day working online or sewing new products, but come the evening, I still feel like the time I spend relaxing in front of the TV could be put to better use. Believe me, I have had the sewing machine set up in my lounge before now but when you have a hard working husband who would just like an hour peace and quiet after a hard day, this, even to me seems a tad unreasonable! Also, as we are now excitedly expecting our first baby, my energy feels just haven’t been up to full max. This has been frustrating at times as I now have a whole new list of things that I would love to create for Baby Davies. Crochet, I have found to be a great in front of the TV kind of job. When you think crochet, you think granny squares, which, unless you have a passion for all things kitch and 1970’s, isn’t something so appealing. However, I have found so many beautiful tutorials online for things that I would happily pay good money for, that I can make myself. With crochet, I am completely self taught. Simply by watching online tutorials again and again you pick up the terms and techniques. Crochet is also great because your mistakes are so simple to undo- simply pull you yarn back and start again. This, I have had to do a LOT of times. The best thing I have found is that you can make beautiful pieces for next to nothing using the best quality materials. On my crochet journey, I have uncovered a hidden gem of a yarn shop just 15 minutes away where beautifully soft, organic, 100% wool can be found. If you were to work out the cost of what you can make against buying the same quality, you would be so surprised at the price difference. Not only have I found something to help me relax in the evenings, but a new craft that is helping me create stunning things in preparation for our new arrival. It is also keeping the husband happy as crochet is a quiet craft ! Everyone’s a winner!