Welcome to the Homemade Home

Hello I’m Helen and I am a sewist and fabric obsessive. I dress make and sew everything for the home, weddings and children. Whether it be soft furnishings, Christmas decorations, wedding embroideries or baby clothes; if I can make it from fabric then I will try to sew it! Sewing is addictive and the joy of being able to create unique, personal items is beyond measure. Who wants their homes, weddings or clothes to look like everyone else’s?

It has been my dream to work in creative industry for as long as I can remember and being able to sew for a living is amazing. I recently decided to take the plunge, leaving behind an office job to pursue this dream. Was it scary? Absolutely! Do I worry? All the time! Was it worth it? More than I can put into words!

Follow my journey here!

With much love and appreciation,